Urine Off Mini LED Urine Finder

Urine Off Mini LED Urine Finder

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Finally... Something That Actually Works!
Have you ever gotten the scent of urine but could not find the source? Pets can often leave urine deposits in the most hard to reach places that make the stain very difficult to find. Most urine stains can be invisible to the naked eye until they collect soil that makes them easier to see. The Urine-Off LED Mini Urine Finder is the ideal tool for locating urine deposits, regardless of how discretely placed or how old the stain may be. The uniquely developed LED globes used in the Urine Finder actually makes any stain containing uric acid glow. The revolutionary ultraviolet LED technology is ultra bright and custom engineered to make the stain glow, particularly in darkened areas. The handy Urine Finder torch can be used on any household surface, including the bathroom, to locate stray urine stains left by any member of your family. The Mini Urine Finder will save you time, effort and money, ensuring that you effectively spot clean every soiled area, without missing a stain.

Main Features
• Illuminates urine stains on any surface
Handy LED torch
Effective in dimly lit or darkened areas
Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

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