PETLOGIX Tennis Throw Cyclone

PETLOGIX Tennis Throw Cyclone

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Toss your pet a curve ball, with these uniquely shaped Boredom Busters that offer ultimate interactive fun.
The Tennis Throw Boredom Busters from PETLOGIX take the familiar tennis ball felt and applies it to these unique interactive toys that are sure to be enjoyed by you and your pet. The Tennis Throw Cyclone handles like a boomerang, and can be flung for a great game of fetch. When the Cyclone hits the ground or is caught mid-flight, it squeakers to further engage your pet. The centre of the Cyclone is made of durable material, that is bouyant and gentle on gums. Take the Cyclone from land to sea and enjoy interactive fun anywhere your pet likes to play. To top it all off, the Tennis Throw Cyclone features grooves that can hold little snacks or wet food for added entertainment.

Main Features
• 19.5cm wide
• Far flying fetch toy
• Tennis ball felt along the edge for comfort and familiarity
• Each end contains a squeaker to capture your dog's attention
• Floats on water for aquatic fun
• Snack grooves turns the Cyclone into an occuppying wet treat dispenser
• Meets US child toy safety standards
• Ideally suited for medium to large sized dogs

Please note: Zinger launcher and Zing accessories are each sold separately.

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