PETLOGIX Zing Shot Medium-Large

PETLOGIX Zing Shot Medium-Large

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Take the old game of fetch and launch it into a new level of fun with this zinger of a tennis ball replacement!
The Zing Shot allows you to do away with the tired old tennis ball and give your pet something familiar yet novel at the same time. The Zing Shot allows for maximum distance, with it's spherical shape. The core is removed so that the shot can easily be picked up by the rod of a Zinger launcher, meaning no more slobery ball handling during play time. The core hole is lined and edged with plastic, ensuring that the Zing Shot can float as well as launch off the Zinger with ease.

Main Features
• 6cm wide
• Can be launched up to 20m by the Zinger launcher
• Familiar tennis ball felt material
• Core removed for aerodynamics and to fit with the Zinger
• Floats on water
• Can fit most standard ball chuckers or launchers
• Meets US child toy safety standards
• Ideally suited for medium to large sized dogs

Please note: Zinger launcher and Zing accessories are each sold separately.


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