PETLOGIX Zinger & Zing Shot

PETLOGIX Zinger & Zing Shot

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Take the old game of fetch and launch it into a new level of far flying fun that will really get your pet on the move!
The exciting Zinger launcher allows you to customise your throw to a style that suits you. This means further distance with greater ease for you and your family. The Zinger features 3 adjustable positions, changing the angle of the Zinger rod relative to the handle. The different angles means that the one launcher can easily support the side, overhead, backwards, tricky or really any throwing style you and your family have. The Zinger rod allows hands free pick up of the Zing accessories, each offering a different fetch experience in different play spaces or places. The ergonomic and light weight design makes the Zinger a dog park, beach or backyard Boredom Busting must!

Main Features
• 70cm length
• Throws Zing accessories up to 20m
• 3 adjustable angle settings to suit your unique throwing style
• Ergonomic design and comfortable handle
• Lightweight and portable
• Provides hands free, slober free, toy pick
• Packed with a FREE medium Zing Shot

Adjustment Instructions
• Identify the adjustment connector
• Loosen the connector
• Determine the angle that you want to Zinger rod to be by selecting position A, B or C.
• Rotate the rod to click it into the selected A, B or C position
• Tighten the connector
• Pick up a Zing toy and let the zooming action begin!

Please note: Zinger launcher and Zing accessories are each sold separately.


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