Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball

Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball

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Challenging puzzle play from puppies to professionals
Get your pooch truly engaged, whilst working for their dinner or occupied when home alone, with the Starmark Puzzle Ball. This clever Boredom Buster can hold a variety of treats or dry food. which encourages your pet to paw, nudge, push and roll the Puzzle Ball in order to get to their reward.

To fill, simply press down on the release clip, hidden inside the dispenser port. The Puzzle Ball separates where the two colours meet, allowing for a quick and convenient refill. The four chambers are marked from one to four, one for faster, easier release all the way to four for slower, more challenging access to the food inside.

The Puzzle Ball Boredom Buster features a 'Bumper-body' soft touch material. This stops the Puzzle Ball from slip-sliding throughout the house and makes for quieter playtime, particularly against hard surfaces. Though soft to touch, this Boredom Buster is still tough against boisterous rough and tumble play. Maintaining the Puzzle Ball is a breeze, with all components dishwasher safe and non-toxic.

Main Features
• Challenging food driven play
'Bumper body' coating for quieter play on hard surfaces
Four inner chambers, each with different treat release difficulty rating
Separates in half for easy fill
Inner release clip, allows only you to open the Puzzle Ball, not the paws of your clever pooch

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