Urine Off

Urine Off


Located in over 85 countries across the globe, Urine Off is regarded as the #1 stain and odour eliminator worldwide! Urine Off eliminates stains and odours by breaking down the components of urine, compared to other inferior products that just mask the odour or act as a detergent.

To understand why Urine Off works so effectively, it is important to identify how urine is composed.  Whether it is from a human or animal, all urine has three components;
• Urea (a slightly sticky substance)
Urochrome (makes urine yellow)
Uric acid (a mild acid rich in nitrogen)

The first two components can be removed with domestic cleaning products. However; the third component – Uric Acid - is a much tougher component to remove. Uric acid can quickly become strongly bonded to a surface. After initial cleaning, it may seem the surface is dry and clean from urine, however; any contact with moisture and the smell returns stronger than ever!

Unlike many other products on the market, the enzymes in Urine Off are specifically developed to work in combination with specially adapted microorganisms (bacteria) that actually break down the uric acid crystals, in addition to removing the other components of urine. Comprehensive testing proves that Urine Off is a winner because it actually solves the problem and ACTUALLY works. To learn more click here





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