The Applaws range of premium pet products provides you with a natural way to care for your pets. Primarily focused on nutrition, Applaws provides cats and dogs with the balanced diet they need, in convenient serves that you will love.

At Applaws, making pet food matters.

Applaws believes that cats and dogs should not be fed on scraps, not dinner lefts overs or carcass by-products. Instead, the team at Applaws sees your pets as valuable members of the family that deserve the best quality in their food ingredients like their two legged counterparts.  Applaws maintains strict international standards regarding the farming, manufacturing, packaging and delivery of their products. Based in the UK, with production facilities in Thailand and Australia, Applaws ensures that no quality is sacrificed whilst manufacturing and delivering pet products internationally.

The consistent pursuit to maximise all that goes into their products is what helps to ensure that your pet gets the best out of every Applaws experience. 

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